Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Update

This project took about a month to complete. The assignment was to choose an insect of some kind, find at least two reference images to base it off of, and to create a 3D model with the images we found. Since I hate spiders (no way I could stare at pictures of them for hours), I was allowed to make a crab. Which, technically has eight legs (includes the claws). Loophole!

I've uploaded several different rendered images of the crab with different spotlight colors. They're just different view points of the crab that are more detailed than the basic view above. My personal favorite is the first image on top.

Simple side view.

Another diagonal shot with a red spotlight.

Top View with white spotlights.

These two images were my reference images that I found online and used to base my crab off of. I think it came out alright in the allotted time.

More soon to come.

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