Monday, January 10, 2011

It's 2011!

This was my second to last project of the fall semester. This first shot is a simple 3 spotlight shot from the front. The mask was actually a human head in progress, but we were assigned to make a mask at the same time, just with less time to do it in.

This next shot is another front shot. I do admit I had a little fun with the spotlight colors (primary colors).

This next one is your generic "from the side" look with a hint of yellow. I just like how the yellow tint looks on the mask.

This picture below is the same, but without color, obviously. I still like the yellow more.
This last one is my favorite of all these pictures. The combination of the primary colors just accents it in a way that I really like it. This project was much easier than I anticipated though. The fact that it was an alteration of another project in progress made things easier. The nose was easy to do, but the "fan" shape around the eyes proved more difficult. I took a few "faces" as they're called and expanded them. The spikes were very similar. I pulled the faces into points. 
All in all, it came out ok, could be better. 

But the last assignment is still to come, will post soon. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Update

This project took about a month to complete. The assignment was to choose an insect of some kind, find at least two reference images to base it off of, and to create a 3D model with the images we found. Since I hate spiders (no way I could stare at pictures of them for hours), I was allowed to make a crab. Which, technically has eight legs (includes the claws). Loophole!

I've uploaded several different rendered images of the crab with different spotlight colors. They're just different view points of the crab that are more detailed than the basic view above. My personal favorite is the first image on top.

Simple side view.

Another diagonal shot with a red spotlight.

Top View with white spotlights.

These two images were my reference images that I found online and used to base my crab off of. I think it came out alright in the allotted time.

More soon to come.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Lamps - Table and Desk

This is a pretty big post. It contains several images from a single project I had this semester. It was to choose and design two different lamps. The only condition, one had to be a desk lamp, the other, a table lamp. This first image is my desk lamp. It's called a Belle Mica Desk Lamp and it was definitely the trickier of the two lamps.

This is a different shot of the Belle Mica. It shows more of the detail than the previous picture.

This shows a close up of one of the lamp shades. Both shades originated from one shade that was simply duplicated (saves a LOT of time).

Now when we were told that every detail had to be accounted for, I did not expect that I had to make individual screws for each lamp shade, but I had to. It was a bit tricky at first, but I figured it out.

This was the easier lamp to build. It's simply a Burgundy Shaded Table Lamp (I know there is no color, but we haven't learned to color the models in yet. I'm in this class to learn how to model first, you got to start at the basics). 

The details on the lamp stand were very tedious to make, but not impossible. I did have trouble with the "curls" at the base and I would have liked them to come out better.

Another close up of the lamp stand details.

Next week I'll post the first animal we had to do.
[Total Time for Lamps: About A Month - 2 Weeks each]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Update

This was my first assignment for my 3D Modeling Class. It was to create three different fruits and to then make a bowl for them to rest in. I went with something simple such as apples, pears, and bananas. Believe me, bananas are harder to make than you think. I had to create them from an ordinary sphere. This is an overall shot of the finished piece, fruit, bowl, and a pillar just for flare.

This is a close up of the fruit. Even though I created three fruit, I had to multiply each one and then alter each one so that none were exactly the same. So some have longer or fatter stems, some are lop-sided, dented, etc.

This is a quick side-shot of the bowl with the added pillar.

Will post my second assignment from this semester when I finished rendering the objects, thats right, there's two of them.