Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Lamps - Table and Desk

This is a pretty big post. It contains several images from a single project I had this semester. It was to choose and design two different lamps. The only condition, one had to be a desk lamp, the other, a table lamp. This first image is my desk lamp. It's called a Belle Mica Desk Lamp and it was definitely the trickier of the two lamps.

This is a different shot of the Belle Mica. It shows more of the detail than the previous picture.

This shows a close up of one of the lamp shades. Both shades originated from one shade that was simply duplicated (saves a LOT of time).

Now when we were told that every detail had to be accounted for, I did not expect that I had to make individual screws for each lamp shade, but I had to. It was a bit tricky at first, but I figured it out.

This was the easier lamp to build. It's simply a Burgundy Shaded Table Lamp (I know there is no color, but we haven't learned to color the models in yet. I'm in this class to learn how to model first, you got to start at the basics). 

The details on the lamp stand were very tedious to make, but not impossible. I did have trouble with the "curls" at the base and I would have liked them to come out better.

Another close up of the lamp stand details.

Next week I'll post the first animal we had to do.
[Total Time for Lamps: About A Month - 2 Weeks each]

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