Monday, January 10, 2011

It's 2011!

This was my second to last project of the fall semester. This first shot is a simple 3 spotlight shot from the front. The mask was actually a human head in progress, but we were assigned to make a mask at the same time, just with less time to do it in.

This next shot is another front shot. I do admit I had a little fun with the spotlight colors (primary colors).

This next one is your generic "from the side" look with a hint of yellow. I just like how the yellow tint looks on the mask.

This picture below is the same, but without color, obviously. I still like the yellow more.
This last one is my favorite of all these pictures. The combination of the primary colors just accents it in a way that I really like it. This project was much easier than I anticipated though. The fact that it was an alteration of another project in progress made things easier. The nose was easy to do, but the "fan" shape around the eyes proved more difficult. I took a few "faces" as they're called and expanded them. The spikes were very similar. I pulled the faces into points. 
All in all, it came out ok, could be better. 

But the last assignment is still to come, will post soon. :)

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